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I have a Doctor of Social Work Degree (DSW).  I am a licensed Clinical Social worker(LCSW). I am certified through the National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (NAADAC). I also sit on the Illinois chapter board for (NAADAC) which is called Illinois Association of Addiction Professionals (IAAP). Moreover, I have a Masters In Addictions (MAC) from NAADAC and I am a certified Advanced AODA Counselor (CAADC). That certification is from International Certification Reciprocity Consortium (IC&RC). Additionally, I am certified in Gambling. My certification is endorsed by the International American Compulsive Gambling Board. (ICCGC) and I have a certification as a Interventionist (CIP) from the Pennsylvania Certification Board for Interventionist. Further more, I am certified as a Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP) and I am certified as a Substance Abuse Expert (SAE) by the Substance Abuse Program Administration Association (SAPAA). Finally, I am also DOT qualified to provide services as a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP).

Prior to becoming a licensed therapist. I held several Licensed Nursing Home Administrator positions. I have also held CEO and Executive Director positions in the behavioral health and addiction service industries. My clinical experience in the chemical dependency field includes my having worked as a Vice President of Clinical Operations , Clinical Director and treatment counselor at both inpatient and outpatient treatment agencies over the years.

In 2010 , I moved into private practice as a DOT qualified SAP provider. The focus of my work has been to provide substance abuse assessments to employees subject to the Department of Transportation drug and alcohol regulations and to NON-DOT employees subject to company drug free workplace requirements.


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